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Casino Heroes

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  • Casino Heroes launched in 2014
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🌐 Official Website casinoheroes.com
📅 Established 2014
💼 Owner Company Hero Gaming
🤝 Affiliate Program Hero Affiliates
📋 Licences Malta Gaming Authority
📝 License number MGA/CRP/253/2013
💶Payment Methods Visa. MaterCard, Trustly, ecoPays, Skril, Interacl
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What does CasinoHeroes website look like?

CasinoHeroes website

Casino Heroes Adventure Guide: How to play

Are you ready for legendary adventures on our 3 fantastic islands? Embark on a journey, guiding your avatar through epic boss fights to claim massive rewards.

Island Exploration

  1. Each island has a goal – complete all regions to achieve it.
  2. Defeat each region’s boss to progress.
  3. Reach the island’s goal by conquering all regions.

Region Progression

  • Play our incredible casino games to advance in your adventure.
  • Every spin contributes to your progression.
  • Minimum real money bet per spin for progression: €0.20.

Boss Fights

  1. After each region, face a boss challenge.
  2. A 3×3 grid with clickable boxes appears.

How it works:

a. Pick a box at the round’s start.
b. Boxes can contain Rubies, Free Spins, Weapons, Health, or a Boss.


  • Adds to your inventory (bottom left).
  • 1-3 strikes, shown by lightning bolts.

Using weapons:

  • Defend against boss strikes.
  • Use weapons from your inventory.


  • Randomizes boxes for excitement.


  • Your health (top left).
  • Boss health (top right).
  • Defeat Boss by reducing its health to zero.


  • Boss strike – lose one health (unless you have a weapon).
  • Win – keep treasures, progress to next area.
  • Lose – lose Boss fight treasures, return to region.
  • Keep playing to rematch the same Boss.

Treasure Bags

  1. Collect mystery treasure bags as you journey.
  2. Treasure bags appear in the progression bar.


  • Hero Islands’ currency – earn by playing casino games.
  • More bets = more Rubies.
  • Use Rubies in Ruby Store for enhancing your experience.


  1. Visit “Islands” page for adventure overview.
  2. Switch islands anytime, keeping progress intact.
  3. Explore new islands without starting over.


Treasure Chest

  1. Earn rewards, Free Spins, bonuses, and more.
  2. Treasure Chest stores items for your adventure.

Remember, the Hero’s journey is yours to conquer! Enjoy the thrill, claim treasures, and become a legendary Casino Hero across the islands!

Pros of Casino Heroes:
Unique Adventure Gameplay: Casino Heroes offers an engaging adventure-based gameplay, combining casino gaming with role-playing elements, creating a distinctive and immersive experience.
Exciting Boss Fights: The boss fights add an element of strategy and excitement, providing a break from traditional casino games and making the overall experience more dynamic.
Progression System: The game’s progression system encourages players to keep playing, as spins contribute to advancing through the islands and regions, providing a sense of achievement.
Variety of Casino Games: Casino Heroes features a wide range of casino games, catering to different preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Treasure Collection: Collecting mystery treasure bags and Rubies adds an extra layer of excitement and rewards to the gameplay, enhancing the overall sense of accomplishment.
Island Switching: The ability to switch between islands without losing progress allows players to explore different adventures and challenges without starting from scratch.
Enhanced Casino Experience: The Ruby Store offers a unique way to use accumulated Rubies, enhancing the overall casino experience with various items and enhancements.
Cons of Casino Heroes:
Complexity for Traditional Players: The adventure-based gameplay might be overwhelming for players who are used to traditional casino setups, potentially deterring those seeking simpler gaming experiences.
Potential Time Investment: The adventure format could require more time to progress compared to traditional casino play, which might not suit players looking for quick gaming sessions.
Dependency on Luck: As with any casino game, luck plays a significant role in the outcome, which could lead to frustration if players face a string of losses.
Risk of Overspending: The progression system, combined with the allure of advancing through islands, might lead some players to overspend if not careful with their bets.
Limited Focus on Casino Games: The adventure aspect might overshadow the actual casino gaming for some players, especially those primarily interested in classic casino games.

It’s essential to weigh these pros and cons to determine if Casino Heroes aligns with your gaming preferences and objectives.

CasinoHeroes offers a range of bonuses and rewards, enhancing the gaming experience for players. Here’s an in-depth review of the CasinoHeroes bonus system, terms, and conditions:

Casino Heroes bonuses

Welcome Offer:

Kickstart your adventure on the Hero Islands with the CasinoHeroes Welcome Offer. Make your first deposit and receive up to €100 in bonus money instantly. This bonus is seamlessly added to your balance upon deposit, giving you extra funds to explore the islands and take on exciting challenges. Don’t miss the chance to maximize your gaming experience right from the start!

Blitz Game Mode:

Experience fast-paced action with the exclusive “Blitz” game mode. It utilizes the same slot game engines, logic, and winning chances as traditional games, but spins are up to 6 times faster, allowing you to see your winnings accumulate in a flash.

Bonus Terms and Conditions:

  1. Version and Validity: The bonus conditions mentioned are based on version 1.3, last updated on May 25, 2023, and are valid until a new version is available on the website.
  2. Bonus Expiration: Bonus money must be used within 30 days of being awarded. Individual campaigns may have shorter expiration times, as stated during campaign offers.
  3. Wagering Requirements: Bonuses come with wagering requirements before cash-outs are allowed. Withdrawals before meeting requirements result in the deduction of the bonus amount and related winnings.
  4. Treasure Chest: Bonus rewards and loyalty items are stored in the treasure chest. These may have additional wagering requirements, with expiration times clearly stated in item descriptions.
  5. First Deposit Bonus: The bonus received on the first deposit has a wagering requirement of 40 times the sum of the deposit and bonus.
  6. Free Spins Wagering: Winnings from Free Spins carry a wagering requirement of 40 times the winning amount, unless otherwise specified.
  7. Game Contributions: Different games contribute differently to wagering requirements. For example, slot machines contribute 100%, while some other games contribute 0%.
  8. Bonus Abuse: Players found abusing bonus funds, especially on games with a progression mechanic, may have winnings confiscated and accounts closed.
  9. Local Wagering Requirements: Specific terms and conditions might apply depending on the offer.
  10. One-Time Usage: Bonuses and Free Spins are limited to one per household, IP address, and credit card number.
  11. Free Spins Expiry: Free Spins awarded as part of the welcome offer expire after 30 days from the first deposit.
  12. Active Bonus Play: Game rounds triggered with bonus funds must be completed while the bonus is active. Delaying game rounds until after meeting wagering requirements could void bonus winnings.
  13. Deposit Wagering: Deposits must be wagered at least once before receiving bonus funds or Free Spins.
  14. Account Closure: Casino Heroes reserves the right to close accounts and not refund deposits if bonus abuse is suspected.
  15. Excluded Games: Certain games are excluded from bonus play, and wagering with bonus funds on these games is not possible.
  16. CasinoHeroes’ bonus offerings provide an exciting dimension to the gaming experience. While the terms and conditions are comprehensive, players must familiarize themselves with the rules to make the most of their bonuses and rewards while adhering to fair play practices.

Security & Fairness at CasinoHeroes:

CasinoHeroes places a strong emphasis on ensuring the security and fairness of its platform to provide players with a safe and trustworthy gaming environment. Here’s an overview of the security and fairness measures implemented by CasinoHeroes:

Data Protection:

Encryption: The website employs advanced SSL encryption technology to safeguard all communication and transactions, ensuring that sensitive player information remains confidential.

Player Identity Verification:

KYC Procedures: CasinoHeroes follows “Know Your Customer” procedures to verify the identity of players. This process includes providing valid identification documents to prevent fraudulent activities and unauthorized access.

Fair Play:

Random Number Generators (RNG): The games on CasinoHeroes are powered by certified Random Number Generators, ensuring that game outcomes are genuinely random and not influenced by external factors.

Licenses and Regulations:

Licensed Operations: CasinoHeroes operates under licenses from reputable regulatory authorities, demonstrating its commitment to adhering to strict regulations and industry standards.

Responsible Gaming:

Player Protection: CasinoHeroes is dedicated to promoting responsible gaming and provides resources for players to set limits on their deposits, losses, and playtime.


Game Information: Detailed information about game rules, odds, and payouts is readily available to players, promoting transparency and informed decisions.

Anti-Fraud Measures:

Bonus Abuse Prevention: CasinoHeroes has measures in place to prevent bonus abuse, ensuring that bonuses are used fairly and within established terms.

Customer Support:

Assistance: A professional customer support team is available to assist players with any queries, issues, or concerns related to security and fairness.

External Audits:

Third-Party Audits: CasinoHeroes may subject its operations to regular external audits by reputable auditing firms to verify the integrity of its games and overall fairness.
Collaborations with Responsible


Problem Gambling Organizations: CasinoHeroes collaborates with responsible gambling organizations to provide resources and support for players who might be facing gambling-related issues.

Conclusion: The CasinoHeroes Experience

CasinoHeroes offers a captivating blend of casino gaming and immersive adventures, setting itself apart from traditional online casinos. With its unique island-based gameplay, boss battles, and treasure collection, players are drawn into a world where excitement meets strategy. The “Blitz” mode adds an element of speed, allowing winnings to accumulate rapidly.

The Welcome Offer sets the tone for an exciting journey, instantly boosting your balance for exploration. However, it’s essential to navigate the bonus terms to make the most of these rewards. Security is a priority at CasinoHeroes, evident through encryption, player verification, and fair play measures. Regulatory licenses provide further assurance of a safe and regulated gaming environment.

As with any platform, responsible gaming is promoted, allowing players to maintain control over their gameplay. The presence of detailed game information and accessible customer support reflects a commitment to transparency and player satisfaction.

While the adventure-driven format might not suit all types of players, those seeking a fresh and engaging experience will find CasinoHeroes an intriguing option. The combination of games, progression, and rewards forms a unique tapestry, allowing you to become the ultimate Casino Hero across the islands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CasinoHeroes:

❔What is CasinoHeroes and how does it differ from traditional online casinos?

CasinoHeroes is a unique online gaming platform that merges traditional casino games with adventurous gameplay. Players journey through islands, engage in boss fights, and collect rewards. It offers a refreshing departure from standard online casinos by creating an immersive, story-driven experience.

❔How does the “Blitz” game mode work?

The “Blitz” game mode is an exclusive feature at CasinoHeroes. It operates on the same logic and winning chances as regular slot games, but spins are up to 6 times faster. This mode lets you witness your winnings accumulate rapidly, adding an element of excitement to your gameplay.

❔What is the Welcome Offer and how can I claim it?

The Welcome Offer at CasinoHeroes provides new players with up to €100 in bonus money upon making their first deposit. The bonus money is instantly added to your balance, enhancing your gaming experience from the start. Make sure to read and understand the bonus terms to maximize its benefits.

❔How does CasinoHeroes ensure the security and fairness of its platform?

CasinoHeroes prioritizes player security by utilizing advanced encryption technology to protect data. The platform adheres to regulatory standards and licensing requirements, which include third-party audits to verify fair game outcomes. The “Know Your Customer” process and responsible gaming initiatives further bolster player safety.

❔Can I switch between islands and what happens to my progress?

Yes, you can switch between islands in CasinoHeroes. The platform saves your progress, allowing you to explore different adventures without starting from scratch. This feature lets you enjoy various challenges and experiences while retaining your achievements.


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